Post 116a

The country’s new breed of artists perform in the first Wish FM Ultimate Fandom Challenge at the Araneta Coliseum alongside their selected fans. The event is more like a fan’s day. Plus they get to help their chosen charities, too. Performers include Jason Dy, Darren Espanto, The Juans, Morissette, Daryl Ong, Juan Karlos Labajo, and Francis Lim.


Photo by I.R. Arenas

Post 112a

This week has been graduation time for thousands of University of the Philippines students across different units. UP recently shifted its academic calendar, making the graduation rites on June instead of April. The Oblation statue is garbed with the sablay, UP’s academic costume since the 1990s, to commemorate the yearly ritual. (The photo was taken on June 2015.)


Photo by I.R. Arenas