Post 021a

The mighty Quezon Bridge has been straddling the Pasig River, connecting Quiapo and Ermita districts, since 1939. It replaced the suspension bridge Puente Colgante built in 1852. Here is a trivia: Quiapo (kiyapò) is named after a water plant, while Ermita means hermitage.


Photo by I.R. Arenas

Post 020a

Toshiro Suzue’s Tomodachi ga kita (My Friend Has Come, dir.: Ricky Abad) is one of my favourite plays. Here, the characters (Miguel Almendras and Sky Abundo) talk about their antics, dust, even persimmon seeds—probably things that close friends talk about, only that one has already died. This minimalist play is about rekindling memories with a lost friend.


Photo by I.R. Arenas