Post 328a

The Philippines – long inhabited by the Austronesian people and had interacted with its Asian neighbours for thousands of years – got its name from a foreign royalty, Felipe II of Spain. Ever since its colonisation, its culturally scattered people have tried to determine their collective identity which is now muddled with the prevailing globalised culture.

Photo by I.R. Arenas


Post 152a

A tourist saunters in a coast in the town of El Nido, Palawan. The town is booming from the influx of foreign, as well as local, tourists. Fortunately, the area remains pristine as environment protection is upheld.


Photo by I.R. Arenas

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Sculptor Toym Imao’s Desaparecidos installation shows the emptiness created in every person whose relative or loved one had disappeared without a trace during the Martial Law years in the Philippines. They are left with nothing – no bodies to mourn over, no information to anticipate, no perpetrators to bring to justice, no good memories to remember. Both the missing and the bereaving are victims.


Photo by I.R. Arenas