Post 351a

One of the best plays I’ve seen this year (half of it) is Floy Quintos’s Angry Christ (directed by Dexter Santos). It is about the American painter, rather of Filipino descent, Alfonso Ossorio’s period of artistic metamorphosis while doing a mural in their family’s chapel in Negros island. The play’s book is rich in real and imaginative details of the struggles for identity and expression (both artistic and gender).

Photo by I.R. Arenas


Theme Week 003c

Week 3, Day 2
Theme: Lines

This stage design employs the liberal use of straight lines, suggestive of the minimalist nature of Japanese architecture. The stage is for Dulaang UP’s production of The Dressing Room (Gakuya) by contemporary playwright Shimuzu Kunio.


Photo by I.R. Arenas