Post 423

Arguably the highest makeshift store in Cebu, this shanty is built to serve the residents and tourists climbing Osmeña Peak. The store sells easy refreshments and, surprisingly, squashes.

Photo by I.R. Arenas


Post 412

Local and global: it is not far-fetched that a resort municipality may soon thrive with a “glocal” attitude and culture. Local identity needs to be firmly intact as the assimilation of foreign ways of life is continuous.

Photo by I.R. Arenas

Post 401

The Japanese have their konbini (convenience stores) while Filipinos have the sari-sari (variety) store. Usually a sari-sari store is an adjunct to a residence, and is tended by a family member. One can find them in every street and corner, with some operating until late at night, even 24 hours. Such stores serve the community without the formality of commercial stores with cash registers and barcode scanners.

Photo by I.R. Arenas